Home Loans For Resident Indians

Plot Loan

Plot Loan helps you purchase a piece of land conveniently.


  • Maximum Loan Amount :
    Loan Amount Maximum Funding*
    Upto Rs 75 lacs 80% of the property cost**
    Above Rs 75 lacs 75% of the property cost**
    * Subject to market value of the property and repayment capacity of the individual, as assessed by HDFC
    ** This may be restricted to 70% of the cost / value of the Plot, if the Plot is located outside the city limits.
  • Maximum loan term available up to 15 years
  • Apply individually or with a co-applicant
  • Adjustable Rate Home Loans



For Salaried & Self Employed Professionals

Up to 0.50% of the loan amount or Rs.2,000 whichever is higher, plus applicable taxes.

For Self Employed Non-Professionals

Up to 1.50% of the loan amount or Rs.3,000 whichever is higher, plus applicable taxes..



Security for the loan is a first mortgage of the property to be financed, normally by way of deposit of title deeds and/or such other collateral security as may be necessary.